Poet(b.210ctobeM944,E rzurum ).He attended Namık Kemal High School in İzmir. He studied at Ankara (University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Sinology but dıd not graduate. He worked as a topographer at the Turkish Electricity Authority. He studied drama, theatre and film at the Swedish Lund University. From 1973 on, he lived in Svveden, and after 1981, he worked as a producer at the Svvedish National Radio Department of Turkish Broadcasting and as consultant at cultural institutions. Mert, who took up poetry in early 1960´s in İzmir, experienced the turmoil of the event: in ´68. He became one of the pioneering ^rotest poets of the 60´s generation with his book Kuracağız Her Şeyi Yeniden (We Will Re-establish Everything, 1969), which was banned right after its publication. He received the Yunus Nadi Honorary Mention and ilhan Demiraslan Poetry Award in 1990, the Salihli Poetry Aftemoon ´Migrant Poets´ Award and Cemal Süreya Award . He is a member of the VVriters Syndicate of Turkey, the Turkish Authors Association, the Turkish PEN Association of VVriters, the Swedish VVriters Association, the Svvedish V ıters Union and the´Svvedish F ıN Gommittee for Imprisoned W ıters. His poems have been included in intenational anthologies, such as Modern Türk Şiiri (Modern Turkish Poetry) by Feyyaz Kayacan and Meeting in Svveden by Eva Dahlström
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