Embedded Strategies In The 21 St Century Governments, Markets & Corporate Partners (Ciltli)

Embedded Strategies In The 21st Century,Cüneyt Yüksel

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Embedded Strategies in the 21st Century: Governments, Markets & Corporate Partners, has two independent sections, distinct yet related. The main objective of Section 1 is to achieve a greater degree of practical progress in economic development and “economic democracy“ by redesigning the institutions of economic innovation and cooperation. The recurring problem is to develop an institutional structure of cooperation at each of these levels that minimizes the restraints upon innovation and experimentalism. More people, more small and medium firms, more workers and technicians should have a variety of different modes of access to the financial and technological instruments of production. The result is neither capitalism nor socialism but the market economy made more experimental, decentralized and democratic.
In fact, corporate partnering as explained in Section 2 is precisely about economic innovation and cooperation. Corporate partnering is an economic and legal innovation, making it possible for firms to form various kinds of business and legal arrangements that allow tremendeous flexibility in how firms can compete, but at the same time cooperate with one another. Section 2 argues that innovation cannot be traced to individual companies in the embedded computer market. Rather, in this market, innovation comes from the flow of ideas between companies by establishing strategic corporate partnering. Section 2 concludes that the synergistic interaction of small and big companies at every phase of research and development and production must be sustained and promoted if Silicon Valley type digital era companies are to flourish.
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