8080-8085 Microprocessors And Peripherals

8080-8085 Microprocessors And Peripherals,Doğan İbrahim
First generation computers were too large and clumsy machines which occupied big rooms and required air-conditioned environment to operate reliably. In 1956 after the invention of the transistors the computer technology entered its second generation where the first all transistor computer was designed in 1958 by IBM. Using transistors reduced the size of the computers considerably, improved the reliability, and also reduced the power supply requirements. Third generation computer technology started with the invention of the integrated circuits in early 1960s. With the invention of the integrated circuits the size of a computer reduced considerably and its reliability increased. In 1970s we see the development of the first microprocessors. Intel 4004 series, followed by Intel 8008, 8080, and 8085 series have been very popular during this time. Other manufacturers such as Motorola developed the 6800 series, and Zilog developed the popular Z80 series of microprocessors. Al of these were 8-bit microprocessors and they have been mainly used in automatic control and monitoring applications.
8085 is an 8-bit powerful microprocessor which is used widely in teaching. Although the 8085 was originally invented over 20 years ago it is still used in many industrial and teaching applications. The reason for this is the simplicity of its architecture and the ease of learning its instruction set.
This book covers: Chapter 1 is an introduction to the microprocessors in general and Chapter 2 gives a detailed description of the Intel 8080/85 instruction set. The assembly phase and assembler programming examples are also given in this chapter. Chapter 3 is about the 8085 microprocessor architecture. The types of semiconductor memories and their use in 8080/85 microprocessor circuits and address decoding techniques are described in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is an introduction to the input-output systems; Various 8080/85 clock circuits are described in Chapter 6 with examples. Single stepping techniques are also described in this chapter. Special peripheral devices are given in Chapter 7 with programming examples. Chapter 8 is about 8080/85 microprocessor based systems design. In this chapter various system examples are given with sample programs. Finally, the data sheets of commonly used chips in 8080/85 systems are given in the Appendices (in our web site http://yayinevi.bilesim.com.tr).
This book is written by Kaan Uyar and Prof.Dr. Doğan İbrahim who has a lot of publications about several microprocessors and microcontrollers. They are studying in Yakın Doğu University in Lefkoşa. We published 8085 Microprocessor Experiments before, and also published about PIC Microcontrollers Projects, Z80 Microcontrollers etc written by Doğan İbrahim.
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