8085 Microprocessor Experiments

8085 Microprocessor Experiments,Doğan İbrahim
8085 is an 8-bit powerful microprocessor which is used widely in teaching. Although the 8085 was originally invented over 20 years ago it is still used in many industrial and teaching applications. The reason for this is the simplicity of its architecture and the ease of learning its instruction set.
The book contains a large number of tested and working experiments. The Primer Trainer Microprocessor Development Kit is used in the experiments in this book. This development kit is manufactured by EMAC Inc. The kit provides a 20-key keypad and 7-segment LED displays where the student can load program code and data easily into the memory of the kit. Additionally, the kit offers general purpose LEDs, DIP switches, a piezo buzzer, RS232 port, real-time clock chip, and connectors for further expansion.Advanced users can experiment by writing their programs on a PC. The program can then be assembled on the PC and downloaded to the memory of the development kit. This approach is generally used when large and complex projects are being developed.
Chapter 1 is an introduction to the microprocessors in general and various parts of a microprocessor based system are described. Chapter 2 is about the Primer Trainer 8085 development kit. This chapter explains the features of the development kit. The development kit contains a monitor program called MOS (Monitor Operating System) which is used during the loading and examining of the memory and during single-stepping or running a program. MOS also provides a large number of functions called MOS services which are available to the programmers. For example, by using a MOS service the programmer can easily read the keypad or display a number on the 7-segment LEDs.
Chapter 3 gives a list of some of the commonly used MOS services. Chapter 4 is where all the experiments are included. Using these experiments the programmer will learn how to control the I/O ports and how to write programs on a PC and then download to the memory of the development kit.
Appendix A provides a list of the ASCII code, and a list of the 8085 instruction set in alphabetic order is given in Appendix B. Appendix C gives a detailed list of the 8085 instruction set together with examples of using each instruction.
This book is written by Kaan Uyar and Prof. Dr. Dogan İbrahim, who has a lot of publications about several microprocessors and microcontrollers. They are studying in Yakın Dogu University in Lefkoşa, KKTC.
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