In the present work, the way ordinary Europeans view Turkey in relation to the following areas of cultural encounters (everyday life, folklore, archaeology, literature, and the plastic arts) are examined. Contrary to some contentions, European culture is not a structure that is completed and done with. Issues such as where the boundaries of Europe begin and end, the historical sources of European culture, the new forms this culture will assume in the near future, are presently being hotly debated by European bureaucrats, politicians, intellectuals, artists and ordinary citizens as well, both within and outside of the European Union. If Turkey wishes to be a part of the European Union, then it is a must for Turkish scholars to participate in debates concerning the sources, boundaries, and future of the European culture, and bring their own perspectives and perceptions to the discussion. Unless this is properly and seriously done, the place of Turkish culture within European culture will be discussed and decided by others. It is our belief that this book will contribute to efforts pertaining to understanding the true nature of cultural perceptions between Turkey and Europe.
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