A Critical Reading Course

A Critical Reading Course,Hülya Bartu

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This book is the result of more than five years' work and experience in the teaching of critical reading and thinking skills to university students under the course name Advanced English at the School of Foreign Languages, Boğaziçi University. The course is also now under way in the MA programme of the Department of English Language Teaching at Yıldız Technical University. It is based on the author's lecture notes much evolved through interaction with her students over the years. The main purpose of the author in the writing of this book is to provide teachers/learners with a useful medium for making the teaching and learning of critical reading and thinking skills possible and widespread; an urgent need in her view especially in Turkish schools and universities.
Therefore, the expected readers of the book are all those teaching and studying English for Academic Purposes at various universities in Turkey and similar countries, as well as all those who feel the need to teach and develop critical reading and thinking skills as part of an advanced -level English language course in various other institutions in Turkey and elsewhere.
(Arka Kapak)
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