Fiasco (ingilizce),Coşkun Büktel

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“A crazy fun crime novel that pushes the limits of deliberate absurdity.“
-Ömer Türkeş, Virgül
A crescendo of ever more unpredictable events with never a dull moment!
Set in dynamic, chaotic Istanbul, Fiasco begins just as a lonely, depressed man trying to commit suicide answers a call from a “wrong number.“ Soon other people complicate things further: An inexperienced young man who is determined to kill his rich, older wife... His jealous wife, who may be rich and old but is no idiot... A fearless mistress, ready to bring down the world in order to steal her lover from his wife... A mafia gang an extreme form of nostalgia called nostomania; his daughter, desperately searching for an obscure, fifty-year-old film poster that will help him; and a lice-infested, alcoholic anarchist, and the result is a steady crescendo of ever more unpredictable events, with never a dull moment...
Coşkun Büktel narrates his story wih witty, colorful, and satirical language that will be sure to draw loud laughs, even as his characters dig themselves deeper and deeper into a series of fiascos whose resolution you will never be able to guess!
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Feyza Howell,
Kapak Türü
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