A Lesson In Humanity Bearing The Stamp Of The Turkish Nation
The Turkish Republic's Ambassador to Paris takes a courageous stand against both the Nazis in France as well as the Nazi-collaborating Vichy Government to save the lives of thousands of people during World War II, thus teaching the entire world a lesson in humanity with the support of the Turkish nation.
This revealing look at history is the saga of Behiç Erkin, a commander of the Turkish War of Liberation who went head-to-head with Hitler's Nazi Germany, a Moslem who had a heroic sense and who was a close friend of Atatürk.
An Exemplary Turkısh Statesman
He was one of the few people whom Atatürk consulted with throughout his life... a recipient of the National Independence Medal, he personally received his surname, that of 'Erkin', meaning 'one who has the courage to take the initiative, regardless of the prevailing conditions' from Atatürk... he came up with the idea of the National Intelligence Organization and was one of the 13 ministers, along with Atatürk, who signed it into enactment.
He is the only Turk ever to be awarded both the French Legion d'Honneur Medal as well as the German 1st Degree Iron Cross Medal.
Born in Istanbul in 1966, writer Emir Kıvırcık is the grandson of Behiç Erkin. After graduating from Şişli Terakki High School, he received a degree from Istanbul University's Faculty of Economics. Emir is married with a son named after his grandfather, Behiç Erkin.
Compiled over a nine-year period, this work is the result of detailed research conducted in dozens of libraries and poring through hundreds of publications and documents. Interviews were conducted with several individuals, including the late-Cemal Kutay, who lived through this period. The writer extends his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of both Turkey and France.
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