Arykanda: The Place Near The High Rocks

Arykanda: The Place Near The High Rocks,Cevdet Bayburtluoğlu

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With its natural beauty and rich variety of well-preserved ruins so neatly located among this natural scenery, Arykanda is absolutely one of the most note-worthy sites of Lycia. It is typically a terraced city. The earliest settlers of Arykanda obviously picked themselves a unique location to build a city and it is to their decision that the city still owes its location that no by-passers can notice, although the city has been there for them to see all the time. The structures of the city have been built in perfect harmony with the rolling shapes of the natural slope on which the city raises. Moreover, the settlers have so successfully made use of the naturally rugged hill and in such good skill that the city did not even need fortification in the form of conventional city walls against enemy attacks.
With this book in your hand, which is the first of a series, you will visit Arykanda in perfect delight and in the light of scientific findings.
Prof. Dr. Cevdet Bayburtluo¤lu has been the head of the excavation team in Arykanda since
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