İn these Two voıumes ot essays, ı-eroz Anmaa tocuses on a crucıaı perıoı of Tutkish modernization, from Young Türk period to the Republic of Turkey and the relationship between the Committee of Union and Progress and Modern Turkey. He discusses the works of a generation of reformers and engineers of a new social order, as well as events that shaped the path of modernisation. These articles deal with the period since the ıgo8 revolution, examining the process by which the new Turkey was formed. The author also underlines the crises of legitimacy that characterized much of the period.The essays in two volumes are compiled thematically. The first volume deals with the "ideas" of modernisation which span the period of Young Türk Revolution to the Kemalist movement. The volume also analyzes various other topics such as Unionist relations with non-IVluslim communities, the social and economic policy of the Young Turks, and the political economy of Kemalism. The second volume discusses events of the same period and examines how a revolutionary such as Leon Trotsky saw about the Young Türk revolution. There are aiso articles on the development of workİng-class consciousness, how postage stamps reflected ideology İn the late Ottoman Empire, and the Ottoman perception of the capitulations. Taken as a whole these two volumes v/İII help readers understand some of the problems Turkey İs facİng today.

Stok Kodu
Sayfa Sayısı
Basım Yeri
Basım Tarihi
B. U. Bal, İ. Akbulut
Kapak Türü
Karton Kapak
Kağıt Türü
2. Hamur
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