Tassos PapadopoulosValley Of The Greek Cypriots İn Cyprus

Tassos Papadopoulos,Kıvanç Galip Över

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This book you are holding in your hands is aiming to show a very different dimension of Cyprus question. It tells about the life and some international affairs of Thassos Papadopoulos, the leader of Greek Cypriot Sector in Cyprus. The aim of this book is presenting you the roots that Greek Cypriot Sector is coming from and its essence, by being inspired from Papadopoulos's life and career.
Greek Cypriots have always had one argument. That argument was that the whole Cyprus would be under Greek Cypriot sovereignty and it would become “the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Mediterranean“. The developments show us that Cyprus has become “an unsinkable pirate ship“. The book also mentions of the course of the Greek Cypriot administration.
A chain in Greek Cypriot administration, which stretches from EOKA terrorist organisation to international money laundering operations, and especially how Slobodan Milosevich, Butcher of the Balkans laundered billions of dollars he stole from Serbian nation with the help of Papadopoulos are examined.
There are many more crucial details in the book. If you have an idea on Cyprus issue or if there is something unconvincing in the Cyprus presented to you and the world, you should read this book.
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