Towards Academic Writing

Towards Academic Wrıtıng,Osman Dülger

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English language learners need to develop writing skills for a variety of reasons, and the ability to write in a language requires not only proficiency in that language but also an understanding of the various features of writing. Writing is mainly a skill to be learnt, and developing writing entails a systematic approach. Towards Academic Writing aims at satisfying the needs of EFL majors by serving primarily two purposes:
Providing English language teachers with a comprehensive overview and analysis of fundamental factors that affect the development of writing skills;
Assisting the language learners with authentic texts as well as sample essays, concisely structured explanations on essay writing, basics of effective writing with examples & exercises, and exemplified applications of some useful writing techniques.
Therefore, Towards Academic Writing can pleasurably be used as a comprehensive guide to writing both for individual study and for classroom use. The book is assumed to offer opportunities to develop writing skills notably for English Language Learners, candidates of English selection, placement and exemption exams that require writing proficiency, and for those interested in writing for academic purposes.
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