In our opinion, Turkey has managed to acquire an outstanding place among the emerging markets in a period which is characterised by globalisation and huge technological innovations.

Needless to say, the financial crises experienced in November 2000 and February 2001 inflicted great damage over the economy of the country. However, the initial and the direst stages of the crises could be over-whelmed successfully in terms of sustainable debt dynamics, albeit it forced Turkey to suffer a serious social cost.

We believe that the coming days will see the perpetuation of the sustainable development and a serious recovery of the money, mercantile and capital markets.

This study aims at illustrating the universal principles and applications op capital markets as well as the realities and developments of Turkey in this realm. The study also allots an outstanding space to the inspiriting US applications and capital markets sources.

We also wish to thank to Literature as the publisher company of the study for its solicitude, as well as the İzmir Chamber of Commerce for its precious financial contributions.
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