A Companion to the EFL - ELL - ESL - ESOL - FLL - FLT - TEFL - TESL - TESOL & ELT Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terms and Expressions
“In about 250 pages, this commendable work covers almost 2200 expressions, acronyms, and all the common abbreviations needed in the ELT business. It also gives almost 300 references and will be tremendously useful for all ELT scholars, teachers and students alike.“
“An invalulable and long-awaited guide for the novice, the native, as well as for the experienced professional into the weighty and ever-growing jargon of ELT. The dictionary's clear, up-to -date and comprehensive explanations with examples and references will make it a well-thumbed classic for many years to come!“
“The ultimate guide to ELT jargon. All you need to sound like a true ELT expert!“
A Colleague Italy
“Immensely useful for ELT all professionals. It provides invaluable assistance in discovering the meanings of all the key terminology of our profession.“
A Nest Turkey
“Beat the native speakers at their own game! This dictionary will help you sound posh and erudite and move smoothly through the ELT world.“
A Teacher Trainer USA
“Polish up your ELT compositions, presentations and knowledge with these concise definitions of all the terms you need.“
A Teacher UK
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ELT Dictionary' isimli sözlük İngilizce Eğitimi / Öğretimi alanında çalışan öğretmen ve üniversitelerin İngiliz Dil Eğitimi, Mütercim Tercümanlık ve İngiliz Dili Edebiyatı bölümünde okuyan öğrenciler için referans kitap olarak hazırlanmıştır. Sözlük, EFL, ELL, ESOL, FLL, FLT, TEFL, TESOL ve ELT alanında sıkça kullanılan yaklaşık 2150 terim, ifade ve temel kavramlarla birlikte kısaltma ve akronimleri de içermektedir. 250 sayfadan oluşan sözlükte tüm terim ve ifadelerin geniş bir açıklaması verilmiş olup, İngilizce öğretimi alanında hazırlanmış ilk referans kitap özelliğini taşımaktadır.
'ELT Dictionary' is a companion to the EFL, ELL, ESL, ESOL, FLL, FLT, TEFL, TESL, TESOL & ELT abbrevations, acronyms, terms and expressions. This is a user-friendly dictionary which covers almost 2150 entries with fully understandable, clear easy to use definitions. All professionals in ELT field and students studying English language may benefit from the dictionary. The dictionary is a reference book for ELT professionals, and more than 300 references and bibliographies were studied carefully and the necessary entries are included. Most common linguistic concepts with reference to ELT are included as well. This is an only ELT Dictionary prepared in the field so far.
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