This book, which includes ten practice tests, is designed for upper intermediate and advanced learners for English who are preparing for examinations such as English proficiency exams given by universities, KPDS (Language Proficiency Tests for Government Employes), UDS (Language Proficiency Tests for University Academic Staff) and the TOEFL. It consists of two parts: practice tests and the explanatory answer key, which makes the book a valuable source for self-study.
In preparing to make any proficiency exam it is very important to review the language skills you have studied before. Although the main purpose here is not to teach English, it will be of great help to you to refresh your previously acquired language skills, to add new words to your vocabulary and particularly to pinpoint your weak areas and spend more time and effort on these specific areas by referring to grammar books and dictionaries. This book, with ten practice tests, enables you to achieve this. It also thoroughly familiarizes you with the mutiple-choice exam format and encourages you to develop test taking strategies.
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