The Prıncıple Of Islam This work, which has been published with the aim of imprinting these divine principles to the hearts, is prepared in "question-answer" styl which is one of the best among the education and instruction methods. This work has received a wide interest from the appreciative readers since its first appearance and this new edition it has been gone over and expanded to include recent necessities. The following main topics are included in the book:
- Principles of faith and Islam;
- Information and pictures on the application of ritual ablution and prayer;
- Religion and science; morals and society;
- Special information for the women from medical point of view;
- Problems of Muslims in foreign countries.
PRINCIPLES OF ISLAM has been published now in English in order to make it profitable to Muslims all over the world and its translations to the other western languages are in preparation. In addition to its recent publication in Azerbeijan dialect with Russian alphabet (Kiril), efforts to translate into other Turkish dialects are in rapid progress. The Prıncıple Of Islam, Ali Kem
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