After this it's not possible to speak about this city as one piece or entity. It's not easy at all to explain or understand. By carving it up and thinking that we could carry it to the future was our biggest mistake. We never took the trouble to understand what was left for us either by nature or by the people who lived in the city before us. Every day we deleted our memories anew. Streets, trees, buildings and whatever was left we mixed them all together; we demolished them, burnt them and we looked on passively. Now we are trying to throw the last pieces from our memory into the rubbish. We killed this city together, and now we are hoping for help from its pieces. Our greatest pretext was to think we did all this without knowing. But we had done it in full knowledge. We successfully did all this in a manner smiling and reeking of egoism. We even put shameless smiles between the stones. We shed crocodile tears when the time came. ...
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