Rumi's MasterTeachings of Shams-i Tabrezi (Rumi’s Master) (Ciltli)

Teachings Of Shams-i Tabrezi,Erkan Türkmen

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Don't waste your time on philosophical discussions of how and why? The learned think that microcosm is concealed in the creation of man and the macrocosm is the outer space that surrounds us. For prophets it is just the opposite:
The outer universe is microcosm and the macrocosm is hidden in them. Don't bother yourself with “You say like this, and the others say like that or you think like this while others think like that“.
Why should you care for the eternity of the universe, you should try to learn about your own eternity. Find out whether you are eternal (Kadim) or mortal being (Hadis) by fate. You have a short age spend it on research. Why do you spend your life on useless discussion of eternity of the universe? Knowing God needs a deep study. But you are yourself deep, o negligent!
If there is any depth, it is in you. What kind of a friend (of God)
are you that you don't know the secret of your Beloved in your veins and fate as evident as the palm of your hand. How can you claim to be God-loving man if you don't know His secrets in you.
One should look at a beloved with loving eyes. It is said in the Koran: “And God loves them“. The problem is that some don't look at God with love. They try to look at Him through knowledge, philosophy or Gnosticism, while to look at Him with love is a different thing.
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