The book is intended for our post-beginner-level DBE students, who have had a minimum of 70 - 80 class hours of instruction covering the preliminaries of the English language. The purpose is to help them enjoy reading in English, increase an awareness of reading, develop and improve their reading skills and provide them with the basic vocabulary necessary for academic reading.
The units in the book have readings which try to cover different aspects of the same topic with a variety of exercises. Before each unit, there is a “Skills Section,“ the aim of which is to familiarize the students with the basic reading skills and give them the chance to practice these skills. In this way, they will hopefully be more aware and successful when dealing with the readings in the units. Each unit starts with a “Think And Talk Before You Read“ section. The purpose is to make students uncover their background knowledge and thus prepare them for reading. The exercises in “Do While You Read“ sections usually aim for an overall understanding of the text, while “Read, Understand And Answer“ sections require a more careful and critical reading. “Just For Fun“ sections are intended as breaks for students if there is extra time to do them. “Go On Reading“s can be used in many ways, as outside reading material for the students who have enjoyed the topic or as additional practice or quiz material for the teachers who want to use them. As for the final unit, the “Consolidation“ tries to bring together the various pieces of reading as a skill and provide an overall understanding of reading as a natural process.
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