Test Your English Multiple Choice Cloze Test Dialogue Completion With Key

Test Your English,Komisyon

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This book has been prepared with the intention of providing test material for elementary, pre-intermediate and in parts, intermediate learners of nglish.
There seems to be a great lack of test material at elementary levels, earners wishing to improve their English and attain a better standard will, hopefully, benefit from the tests in this book as they provide ample practice.
The contents of the book has been meticulously selected, graded and organised to ensure steady progress towards gaining pratice in dealing with Cloze Test, Multiple Choice and Dialogue Completion items.
The book is designed to be user-friendly to encourage the formation of better study habits.
The expected answers included in Cloze Test and Dialogue Completion sections have been selected on the basis of their frequency, range and usefulness, and they have been arranged according to the frequency of occurrence as far as possible.

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