Mawlana is surely one of the most preeminent figures of Turkish-Islamic world. This is an immutable fact from the point of both history of literature and religion. In order to gain a satisfactorily understanding about him and his thoughts, not only studies on him but also his own works must be read. The easiest way to fill works of him those have not been reprinted for a long time. We are happy to present “Selections from Great Works of Mawlana“ series for admirers of him. The Selections series for admirers of him. Thes Selections series were prepared by a group of experts. Therefore, these selections serve as important sources in that they fill the void in their fields and also they are enriched by sufficient monographic information.
(Arka Kapak)
Stok Kodu
Sayfa Sayısı
Basım Yeri
Basım Tarihi
Kapak Türü
Karton Kapak
Kağıt Türü
2. Hamur
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