A Vocabulary Learning Tool for the 2016 New SAT 2016 Tested

A Vocabulary Learning Tool for the 2016 New SAT 2016 Tested,Tipps
Vocabulary is crucial to success on the SAT, but learning it can be difficult and boring. Not with this book! Encountering new words as they are used in a context lets you build up your comprehension skills faster and with significantly more success than does merely using lists or flashcards. And increasing your comprehension will make reading for school or fun that much easier!

Join four friends as their quest to prepare for the SAT takes a mysterious turn. Why is a strange new building built outside their test prep academy? Why is a shadowy figure trying to break in? What is the secret of this new test, the TBQ? And why is there a rubber snake on the front desk?

Testedis designed to help you improve your vocabulary quickly and easily:

The book teaches nearly 600 college-level vocabulary items

The words are used in the context of a gripping story

Each word is used in a context that makes its meaning easily graspable

Each word is defined at the end of the chapter for easy reference

Pronunciation guidnce and synonyms are also provided

Reading this book will further increase your vocabulary and help you achieve a higher score on the SAT!
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