Letters (Mektubat-b.boy-ciltli) BEDIUZZAMAN SAID NURSI LETTERS 1928-1932
The Second Volume of the Risale-i Nur Collection
585 pages
Indexes, including a Subject Index
Largely replying to questions put by Bediuzzamans students, these letters cover a wide range of subjects: they provide illuminating answers to many questions of belief and Islam; they contain brilliant and unique explanations of the truths of belief and mysteries of the Quran, which also illustrate the Quranic way of knowledge of God opened up by the Risale-i Nur; they offer important guidance to contemporary Muslims concerning many questions ranging from nationalism to Sufism; they also throw light on Bediuzzamans own life in those years of exile and the conditions during the early years of the Turkish Republic; in addition they include the celebrated Nineteenth Letter, which describes more than three hundred of the Miracles of Muhammad (PBUH); the Twentieth Letter, which together with being an important lesson in reading the Book of the Universe, provides extremely powerful proofs of Divine Unity; and the Twenty-Fourth Letter, which solves convincingly the mystery of the constant activity in the universe, and the change and renewal of beings. Letters (Mektubat-b.boy-ciltli), İngilizce, Sözler Neşriyat, Şükran Vahide, 9789754320435, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi
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