Signs Of Miraculousness (İşaratül İcaz-İngilizce)

Signs Of Miraculousness (İşaratül İcaz-İngilizce),Bediüzzaman Said Nur
Signs Of Miraculousness (İşaratül İcaz-İngilizce) SIGNS OF MIRACULOUSNESS
The Inimitability of the Qurans Conciseness
The Sixth Volume of the Risale-i Nur
286 pages
Signs of Miraculousness is a commentary on Sura al-Fatiha and the first thirty-three verses of Sura al-Baqara the aim of which is to expound the miraculous nature of the Qurans word-order. For the embroideries of the positioning and arrangement of the Qurans words demonstrate one aspect of its inimitability or miraculousness. In doing this, its author, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, was emulating the great masters of Arabic, rhetoric, and eloquence, but while applying these and other traditional sciences he was also concerned to demonstrate the conformity of the Quran with reason and the modern physical sciences. In this way, he hoped both to reply to questions and doubts that had arisen in the face of scientific advances, and to demonstrate that, as the revealed Word of God, the Quran has continuing relevance in contemporary life. He proposed too to prove the four main aims of the Quran, which form the basis of the religion of Islam: proof of the Single Maker, the sending of prophets or divine messengers, the resurrection of the dead and life of the hereafter, and justice. The work is structured around these four aims. Signs Of Miraculousness (İşaratül İcaz-İngilizce), Sözler Neşriyat, Şükran Vahide, 9789754322033, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi
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