The Words (İngilizce) (Ciltli)

The Words (İngilizce) (Ciltli),Bediüzzaman Said

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The Words Explains and proves the fundamental matters of belief, such God's existance and unity, the manifestation of the divine names and attributes in creation, the resurrection of the dead and the life of the hereafter, prophethood, the miraculousness of the Qur'an, the angels, and the immortality of man's spirit, together with such questions as the true nature of man and the universe, and man's need to workship God. Each subject is explained with reasoned arguments and logical proofs, and the most profound aspects of the truths of belief are explained in such a way that everyone can understand without difficulty. This work answers brilliantly the attacks made on the Qur'an in the name of science and philosophy, and demonstrates the rationality of belief in God and logical absurdity of denial, and that man's happiness and salvation both in this world and the next lie only in belief in God knowledge of God.
(Arka Kapak)
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