Together With Young

Together With Young,Ali Fuad Başgil

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This work of Ali Fuad Başgil has been published many times since it was first published and it addressed to every generation one by one. As there are many things now that the book includes giving every person young or old, there will be through generations.
As he mentioned, “...This book is just a guide which can be useful to the young and inexperienced apprentices of scientific and ideal workshop.“ Although he said so, this book, although being a guide to young and inexperienced apprentices, is at the consistency to be the guide of old and experienced masters.
Especially, by the subjects and the friendly language of the author, this work can always be inspiration to generations.
Again as the author mentioned, “This book which will reduce young who are the hope of future from living without will and courage; shows the secrets of being successful.“ It will also be a good guide by this sense.
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