7 Centuries of Ottoman Architecture A Supra-National Heritage (Ciltli)

7 Centuries of Ottoman Architecture A Supra-National Heritage (Ciltli)

... At first it was envisaged to assemble the papers of the Congress in a single book. In spite of all the additional effort and financial burden it incurred, it was finally decided to prepare two books for publication: one in Turkish and the other in English and French. ıt was a major preference to publish the papers presented to the Congress which lasted for three days and which provided a dense medium of information, exchange of ideas and discussion, as a source of reference that would meet the varying needs of a much wider audience.
The products of Cem Erözü's research on “The Musical Build-up of Architect Sinan's Works“, promising an interesting point of view, was on display at Taşkışla, throughout the Congress.
It was our sincere wish that the scientific level of the papers assembled in these books would be of an international quality. We hope that this wish has come true.

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