The Miracle of Divriği (Ciltli)

The Miracle Of Divriği,Doğan Kuban

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Divriği is a miracle.
It is one of those very unique and seldom-found miracles in the world's long history of art. Commissioned in the 13th century by Turan Melek, the wife of Ahmed Shah, beg of the Mengücek Principality, the mosque and hospital complex in Divriği (a remote corner of Anatolia) has continued for seven hundred years to present us with unparalleled architectural form an a virtual symphony o ornamentation. With its lush outpouring of description and absolutely magnificent stonework, this brave work of art rears its head in opposition to all of the artistic norms of its period. Bequeathed to mankind by an unknown artisan of great skill, the complex in Divriği stands to this day as the region's sole and unequalled example of magnificent architecture.
In The Miracle of Divriği, Doğan Kuban provides us with a detailed account an description of the Divriği Mosque and Hospital from historical, societal, and artistic perspectives and acquaints us with an architectural masteriece that has been previously overlooked in world art history. This unmatched example of Anatolian art is rediscovered example of Anatolian art is rediscovered with new interpretations and is further enriched with original prints-drawings based on Divriği ornamentation forms by sculptor/painter Ali Teoman Germaner and by the photographs of Ara Güler and Murat Germen.
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