What Happened to Zehra's Goose?

What Happened to Zehra's Goose',Zarife Öztürk

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“A couple of times, Kaan and Zehra very carefully looked over the drop-off. It was scary. There were sharp rocks at the bottom and the wall was very, very high. It was so high that no one could go down there, and if anyone ever did get down, they would never be able to climb back up again.“
From the book
Zehra and her friend Kaan spend a lot of time riding on their tricycles. One morning when Zehra goes out to the yard she finds that her Goose and Kaan's tricycle had fallen over the drop-off. Who threw them down there? How would she ever get the tricycles back?
The second book of the Zehra series tells a story about friendship, about the problems friends might face and the solutions. Children have fun and at the same time learn about social skills reading Zehra's adventure full of unexpected turns and surprises.
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